An artist’s foray into the blogosphere

For a while now, I’ve toyed with the idea of having a blog. I was procrastinating because I was unsure if I could generate enough posts to necessitate a blog – and also because procrastination is a hobby of mine. After having decided to do a drawing or sketch a day for the month of January, and because it is a bright and shiny new year (Happy New Year, everyone!), I decided that this is the time to begin a blog. Though I am proceeding with the trepidation that accompanies any new endeavor, I figured that at the very least, I will have thirty-one images to post and that should be enough time for me to decide if the blogosphere and I can be friends.

These daily sketches will be little works comprised of anything from very fast sketches to more developed drawings. There will be no set theme, I will just create something based on whatever speaks to me in the moment. I hope you enjoy seeing the daily sketches as much as I will enjoy creating them.

I hope you all have inspired days!


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