February 2, 2014 – Blogging in February

Good morning, everyone. Happy Groundhog Day! Happy February! 

Having made it through my goal of posting a drawing or sketch per day throughout the month of January, I’m still a little uncertain whether blogging and I are compatible in the long term. I am going to give it another month and then reassess. 

During the month of February, in lieu of posting a drawing per day, I am aiming for a couple of posts per week that will follow the evolution of a painting. 

Today, I would have nothing to show you but a photo of a blank canvas, so instead of a photo, I will share with you the beginning of my artistic process: 
Step One: Stare at the canvas and oscillate between feeling the excitement and potential of a new project, and pervasive self-doubt. (The last part of this step oft repeats itself throughout the entire painting.)  
Step Two: I will tone the canvas and begin the drawing. 
When next I post, I will have photos to share with you. 
Have a wonderful day and happy creating!     

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