Inspiration from Underpaintings and Aaron Shikler

Inspiration from Underpaintings and Aaron Shikler

(Above: “The Model’s Perspective #2 – Portrait of Aaron Shikler” – Nicole Moné – 2010 – Oil on Linen 20×24″)

One of the best art blogs out there today is a blog called Underpaintings, by painter/writer, Matthew D. Innis, that focuses on all aspects of Representational Art. There are so many incredible posts where I’ve learned more about painters I’ve long admired, discovered painters with whom I was unfamiliar, and found many excellent lessons concerning the technical aspects of painting and drawing. In August of 2011, I was invited to author a guest-post about my friend and former teacher, painter, Aaron Shikler.

Yesterday, during a visit to Aaron’s studio, the topic of the blog came up in conversation, which inspired me to share it here on my new blog so that my readers might be introduced (or reintroduced) to both Aaron Shikler’s work and to the outstanding blog Underpaintings. I hope you enjoy it.
“Random Inspiration: Aaron Shikler (b. 1922)” – Underpaintings blog post from August 6, 2011

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