Happy New Year!


Typically, at the end of a year, I always wish that I could’ve accomplished more. This past year was no different, but as I was reviewing what I’d done in 2016, I found that it was a good year for me in the studio. Commissions were completed and delivered, my works were included in prestigious exhibitions, and some of my artwork was used in a popular TV series. I continued documenting my frequent travels and random scenes of daily life with ink drawings in my Moleskin journals. I worked on several ongoing projects and continued adding to my ever-growing list of ideas of the things I would like to create.

There were, of course, disappointments – but I try not to dwell on those. When I encounter this year’s inevitable disappointments, I will try to keep in mind that some things I perceived as failures in 2016, later paved the way for things that were better than I could’ve hoped for.

I am wondering what exciting possibilities are in store for this blank canvas of 2017. What new things will I see or experience that will somehow change my outlook and affect my work? What paintings or other artistic creations will I be looking back on at this time next year? I’m excited to find out and I am enjoying the wonder and pleasure of possibility. And, when the aggravation and torment hit during those creative processes, I will look to the sign near my easel that reads: “You get to be an artist.” Those words are typically reminder enough that the struggles (and profanity-laced fits of canvas throwing) are worth it. My intention for 2017 is to be a better version of the artist I was in 2016.

I aspire to create daily – to keep the brushes and pens moving. To start off this new year, I am sharing two ink drawings from my Moleskine journal from my New Year’s Day in New York City.


American Museum of Natural History from the corner of 77th & Columbus – NYC. Micron ink pen and Moleskine journal.


Waitress at Storico – New York Historical Society. 77th & CPW – NYC. Micron ink pen and Moleskine journal.


I wish for all of us a creative, prosperous, and very joyous new year. May 2017 see you realize the best of your dreams. All good things! Happy New Year!


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