Larissa, Looking Forward

Last night at dinner, I sat next to my niece, Larissa. All of nine years old, she is very smart, strong, talented, opinionated, and lovely. She was full of questions about art and politics. I had answers for the art questions. I had fewer definitive answers about politics – I’ve been asking many of the same ones myself.

I marveled at her thoughtful questions, her desire to brainstorm solutions, and her willingness to accept uncertain answers.

The previous night, I’d encountered very poor behavior from a 48 year old who, when I asked that he be respectful said, “get off your soapbox already.” (I’ll never know if it was my drawings of spunky animals in pink hats, or my request that he be respectful that was objectionable to him.) Recalling his childish behavior, I chuckled at the stark contrast to Larissa’s mature questions.

Contemplating this bright little girl’s future, I felt a renewed sense of obligation to do what I can to help protect the rights and freedoms she deserves. She should get to live a life of equality and respect, in which she controls the choices that will steer her destiny. I guess I’m saying that I would like to help “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” – It seems to me someone wrote that down once.

Get off my soapbox? No. No, I think I’ll stay up here awhile.


Larissa, Looking Forward – 8″ x 10.5″ – Graphite on Moleskine Paper



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