The Coronation of Ernestine

When I am stuck while working on a painting and I am unsure how to resolve a problem, I find that it helps to move on to something else and have a little fun.

I was in precisely such a predicament at the easel and that is how Ernie came to take her rightful place as Queen of the Studio.

I present to you The Coronation of Ernestine.

The Coronation of Ernestine - Studio Queen - webversion - minor crop

The Coronation of Ernestine – 7″x5″ – Oil on linen mounted on board – 2017©Nicole Moné

As you might imagine, it was a grand affair! Queen Ernestine was served fish-flavored treats that smelled quite badly – just the way her highness likes ’em.

This proved to be just the thing to get “un-stuck” and was most enjoyable.

Happy summer!


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